Silicon Office 2001 Word Processor

The Silicon Office built-in Word Processor provides the same look, feel, and features found in other commonly used packages.

The pull down menu options and tool bar, will be instantly familiar and intuitive to new users.

View The Silicon Office Word Processing Screen Shot by clicking Here

Technical Specifications

Text Formatting Supported
Fonts x
Paragraphs x
Tabs x
Borders and shading x
Hyperlinks and Bookmarks x
Bullets and numbering x
Headers and footers x
Page Setup x
Advanced Formatting Options Supported
Table creation, manipulation x
Merge other documents and External Files x
Insert/Resize Pictures and Graphics x
Insert Symbols x
Object Linking and Embedding from other applications x
Fields from Data Sources x
System Variable insertion. eg. Page Number x
User defined variables and calculations x
Editor Display Features Supported
WYSIWYG Editing x
Document Views (Normal, Page Layout, Formulae) x
Horizontal and Vertical Rulers x
Editor Zoom In/Out x
Built In Tools Supported
Spell Checker x
Thesaurus x
Multiple Language/User defined Dictionary x
Word Count! x
Find/Replace x
Muliple Undo x
Mail Merge x
Page Manipulation, (Clear, Delete, Insert) x
Built In Macro Commands (Silicon Office commands) x
Advanced Built In Tools and Features Supported
Template Page 0 x
Automatic Text, Page, Document Manipulation x
Text Extraction from Document x
Report Writer and Generation x
Fully Customiseable and controllable by End User or by automated sequences x
File Formats supported for Loading, Editing and Saving Supported
Native Silicon Office Text format (.SOT) x
Rich Text Format (.RTF) x
HyperText Markup Language (.HTML) x
Extensible Markup Language  (.XML) x
Plain Text (.TXT) x