Open Connectivity

The IS requirements of large organisations are often above and beyond the requirements of their programmers and MIS Managers.

Organisations often have several different computer systems running in-house and need the ability to run any application from any node on their network.

Silicon Office's commitment to open systems meets these requirements.

Silicon Office applications can be run on native machines with local databases, or they can be run as clients using servers for remote access.

NO changes need to be made to your application to adapt the application to different platforms.

Silicon Office supports mixed platforms in a single application, providing seamless access to information and applications regardless of their underlying location or physical structure.

In today's e-commerce world, virtually all organisations have adopted some type of internet presence on the world wide web. These web systems are often administered separately, but in parallel to in-house proprietary application systems.

Specialist development teams have to employed to maintain both systems, often resulting in duplication of information and effort.

The unique open approach of SILICON OFFICE :