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Silicon Office 2001 On Line Demo

Before you start, our Silicon Office Application Browser software must be installed on your computer.  You can download a free 30 day trial version of our browser software here. After you have installed our browser software, click on the link below.

Overview of Widgets & Co.

Widgets & Co. sell widgets through various retail outlets in different countries, mail order catalogues and over the internet. Each sales outlet maintains their own database of parts, suppliers, customers and orders. This results in ever increasing costs because the information is inaccurate, duplicated and out of date.


Widgets & co. needed a centralised sales order processing system, where information on parts, suppliers, orders and customers is stored once only. A web server was chosen as the ideal location to store the data, as this provided access to the information from any location, at any time. The infrastructure of the internet could be used as the communications medium, without the need for a dedicated and expensive communication network.

An application, or user inteface needed to be developed to access, update and manage the data. Silicon Office was chosen as the software tool to develop, manage and serve the application and data to end users.

The user interface developed in Silicon Office is stored on the web server and served dynamically to all users when required. This approach means that changes to the application do not have to be installed and configured manually on every users computer, which reduces the overall cost of ownership and simplifies deployment.

A traditional web based interface was considered, though the interface would be limited in functionality and much to slow for normal day-to-day operations, and the cost of development far exceeded the 5 days needed to complete the system using Silicon Office.

Functional Overview of the On Line Sales Order Processing System.

The application is designed as a sales order processing system for Widgets & co.

It allows the sales administration staff at Widgets & co. to:

Providing you have correctly installed the Silicon Office browser software on your computer...

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