Compatibility Issues

Upgrading Applications from V1 of Silicon Office for Windows

Files, applications, and data created with Silicon Office for Windows V1, are fully compatible for use in this latest release. Any changes in file structure, are automatically read and converted on the fly, when opened. On the fly changes, with the internal file structure, are not saved back to disk, unless the user deliberately stores the file using the File/Save menu option, or STORE command. Conversion of the files on the fly, degrades performance slightly when opening older files, as the conversion process must take place each time a file is opened. This degradation of performance is not normally noticeable, although it can be removed completely, by manually loading an old file, and saving it back to disk. Files which require conversion, include program (PRG, PRX), document (SOT), and screen files.

When a file is saved in SILICON OFFICE 2001, it is no longer compatible with V1.

We have provided a utility which can automatically upgrade all your V1 files to SILICON OFFICE 2001.
This is accessible from the Utilities Pull down menu then selecting the Upgrade Files from V1 utility.

Please note the this utility will overwrite all existing V1 files in the directory specified. It is advisable to copy your existing V1 files into a new directory, and perform the upgrade on the copied files. This gives you an opportunity to ensure your system operates as before with this new release.

We are often asked why files need to be changed when upgrading to a newer release of Silicon Office. These changes are always kept to a minimum, but are necessary in order to take advantage of the new features introduced by a newer release.

Upgrading Applications from V3+ R2.0 or Higher of Silicon Office for DOS

Files, applications, and data created with Silicon Office for DOS V3+ R2.0, must be converted, and where required, manually modified, to function in this latest release of Silicon Office for Windows.

For more information, see the Guide for Existing DOS users of Silicon Office, accessible from the Contents section of the on-line help system.

Backwards Compatibility

Files, applications, and data created with Silicon Office 2001, are not compatible with previous versions of Silicon Office. Standard Data files in Paradox, created with Silicon Office for Windows V1, can be accessed using Silicon Office for Windows V1 or SILICON OFFICE 2001, although they cannot be accessed simultaneously in multi-user, networked environments, where there is a mixture of V1 and 2001 client machines.