New Database Re-Direction Wizard

Screen Files and Programs reference data files directly by name. The new Database Re-Direction wizard, change references to a particular data file name.

The Wizard can be run from on an individual screen, within the form editor, changing all references to database objects from a particular data file, to another.

The Wizard can also be run from the main Utilities, pull down menu. This can change references from one data file to another, on a number of screens and/or programs, in a single operation. The files to be changed should be placed in the source directory, and the updated files are placed in the target directory.

The wizard is particularly useful when changing standard data file references, such as NAME.DB to a database Alias, such as //INTERNETDB:NAME

The database Alias INTERNETDB can then be set to point to a particular drive/directory on your windows network where data in paradox format exists. If at some later date you wish to use put the data into SQL Server or MySQL on a internet server, all you need to do is change the configuration of the database Alias. No other filename changes would be required.