New and Enhanced Commands

The following new commands are available in this latest release of Silicon Office.

HIDE [filename.EXT] Hide a file from view
FILL [filename.EXT] Fill with variables from another file
CREATE [.EXT] Creates a file in memory with a NONAME + number depending on the extension given.
FORMAT [.EXT] Formats a data file or screen file, or creates a new file with a NONAME + number depending on the extension given.

Various command enhancements for operating on additional files supported by Silicon Office include:-

The commands GET, FLUSH, NUDGE, DELETE, CREATE, EXECUTE and EVALUATE can be used to manipulate data accessed using SQL Objects for Client/Server databases.

Commands which accept a filename as a parameter, can accept an internet URL in place of the filename, providing the URL is using the HTTP GET protocol. The exception is the STORE command and access to internet databases.

For Example:

ge [] 

Please note that files accessed using http: can be case sensitive. To provide compatibility between silicon office and operating systems which are case sensitive, any silicon office files stored on the server should have a path and filename which is all lower case, as any reference to a file using http: is automatically converted to lowercase by silicon office, regardless of the case which has been issued in the get command.