New Functions

The following new functions are available in this latest release of Silicon Office.

Random Generate a Random Number
Message Show a Message Dialog
ReadPort Read Data from a Serial Port
WritePort Write Data to a Serial Port
Dial Open Communication Connection
HangUp Close Communication Connection
Encrypt Encrypt a String
Decrypt Decrypt a String
Email Send Email function set
InfoSys Generate System Information
Stop Stop the current file load operation
Back Get the previous file in the navigation sequence
Forward Get the next file in the navigation sequence
LowerCase Convert string to lowercase characters
UpperCase Convert string to UPPERCASE characters
ProperCase Convert string to Proper Case characters
FileName Extract the file name from a string
FileExt Extract the file extension from a string
FilePath Extract the file path from a string
Token Process a word processing document, changing text between a given start character and end character, into a variable expression.
Trans Start, Commit or Rollback updates to a database, within a transaction
RegApp Register an Application
RegProject Register a Silicon Office project
RegRead Read an entry for the windows registry
RegWrite Write an entry to the windows registry