New Enhanced Word Processor

This latest release Silicon Office, includes major improvements to the Silicon Office word processor. It now supports different view modes, greater accuracy for WYSIWYG editing, and improvements in text management, page headers and footers, paragraph formatting, bullets and numbering, zooming and table placement.

New support for object management, object linking and embedding.

New insert options to insert silicon office command expressions which are automatically updated in text without the need to use the EV TXT function.. Eg. Memory variables, Data file variables, or any calculation, function or expression.

Documents edited with the word processor, can now be saved as HTML files, as well as normal plain text, richtext and Silicon Office Text.

HTML files or files from the internet, when loaded into the word processor as HTML, are viewed as they would appear in the Internet Explorer web browser. Internet Explorer 3 or higher, must be installed on the machine for this facility to operate.