Silicon Office Overview of Features

Silicon Office is an all in one, super application, providing:


  • Fully Featured Word Processor
  • Comprehensive Database
  • Flexible User Interface Designer and Customisation Editors
  • English Like, Easy to learn Command Language
  • Fast Program Scripts
  • Dynamic Calculator Memory
  • Seamless Integration between utilities
  • Seamless Integration of windows and web based operating environments
  • Open connectivity to third party database systems
  • Open connectivity to industry standard file formats

All of the Silicon Office utilities are provided in a single application, unlike our competitors which supply separate products which are put in a box to give the impression of being a single product.

This approach means we have developed Silicon Office from the beginning with TRUE INTEGRATION in mind, rather than provide separate utilities and attempting to integrate them at a later stage.

By providing all the tools you need in a single program, office systems, database applications and web based applications, can be developed MANY times faster with Silicon Office than with conventional programming languages or other 'office suites'.

Overall, Silicon Office offers something over and above other products with similar aims -TRUE INTEGRATION, both between office utilities AND seamless operation over the internet or windows networks.

Easy to use - Fast to learn

Silicon Office frees the user from having to learn a variety of different, complex macros depending on which utility they are using. This is accomplished by providing simple, English like commands.

A set comprising of 28 different commands operate on the different utilities of Silicon Office. This may seem a small number but their power is more than adequate and they are user friendly.

The commands GET, EDIT, CREATE, DELETE, PRINT, STORE are used to manipulate or operate on, the word processing documents, databases, user interface screens, working storage area and command scripts.

The location of your files can be on your local computer, a shared server machine over your local area network, or on your web server over the internet.

Silicon Office commands can be entered and executed singularly or one after the other in sequence when stored within a command script and the script executed, using the EXECUTE command. Most of the commands are also presented as menu options.

Special extensions can be 'tagged on' to some of the commands to enhance their power. This allows you to use techniques such as conditional branching and changing the direction of a script.

Fully Customisable

The look and operation of Silicon Office is fully customisable. A range of built-in editors can dramatically change the appearance of Silicon Office, so that the user would not realise it was Silicon Office which was running, but rather a fully tailored, customised application specific for the user.

Built-In customisation editors include: