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SILICON OFFICE is a complete software solution for the rapid development and easy deployment of fast, feature rich, web enabled systems.

Aimed at organisations developing e-business solutions, SILICON OFFICE is the only ALL IN ONE solution which delivers:

A sample system is available online, which demonstrates the type of e-business application which can be produced using SILICON OFFICE. This application runs directly from our web site, and requires that the SILICON OFFICE Application Browser software is installed on your machine.

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SILICON OFFICE has won and has been recognised by many industry awards, including the RITA award for recognition of information technology and achievement, and finalist for office system of the year.

SILICON OFFICE has been used thoroughout 40% of the worlds large corporations, with more than 20,000 users in over 16 countries.

The implementation of SILICON OFFICE on the current range of windows personal computers and the internet introduces a new realm of user computing power. In fact, SILICON OFFICE is probably the first product to integrate office productivity tools and application systems, with the desktop and internet environments.

If you are considering developing a database application for use internally or for the internet, SILICON OFFICE provides all the tools you need in a single, easy to use, totally integrated product.