What is Silicon Office?

SILICON OFFICE consists of a sophisticated word processor, data base management system, application interface designer, and calculator, all totally integrated in a single package, with programmability in a simple high level language.

These combined features are designed to allow average non-technical users and professional developers to develop and maintain their own application systems, for deployment over the internet or local windows based machines.

The SILICON OFFICE 2001 family of products consists of:

The combination of rapid application development, multiple deployment options and client side application browser software, can be used for developing web based or local application systems.

Intranets, extranets and the internet sites, which are typically static, slow, feature restricted and costly to develop, are replaced with fast, dynamic, user friendly application systems.

Local deployment options to standalone windows based desktops or shared servers on local area networks, gives ultimate flexibility for an organisation developing traditional in-house database application systems.

Key Points of Silicon Office
  • Silicon Office combines the benefits of delivering true windows GUI applications, with the ease of deployment found in traditional web based systems.

  • Applications are developed in a Windows environment, using the built-in rapid application development tools and integrated office suite.

  • True GUI applications are delivered providing the power, flexibility and user friendly features normally associated with windows based software.

  • All tools are totally integrated in a single package.

  • Silicon Office allows the average non-technical user to quickly and easily generate windows or web based, data driven applications.

  • Deployment of the application and data is simplified.

  • Zero client configuration is required, as Silicon Office serves the application dynamically to the user as pages, similar to HTML, over the internet or local area network.

  • Data is delivered independently, avoiding the need to re-fetch the entire user interface when just new data is required.

  • Static, slow, feature restricted and costly web based interfaces are replaced with fast, dynamic, user friendly Silicon Office applications.

  • Flexible deployment options, make SILICON OFFICE ideal for the production of intranets, extranets, the internet, and local database application systems.