Silicon Office 2001 Database

The Silicon Office 2001 data base system provides all the functionality and sophisticated features required by end users and developers. A range of built in tools are instantly available to end users without any programming knowledge.

Data bases can be manipulated and represented through automatically generated data entry screens, or by customised screens, designed using the built in screen designer tool.

Automatic updating and access to data bases can be performed using the Silicon Office command set. Simple but repetitive routines can be stored for subsequent execution.

Silicon Office 2001 supports full manipulation of other third party database systems, enabling the end user or developer to have read/write access to existing data within the organisation. eg. Accounts system, Marketing lists etc..

Databases can be stored on a web server and records read, edited and stored from within Silicon Office directly to the web server as if they where local database tables.

Defining data base tables is as simple as using a word processor. See our format data file screen shot Here.

Technical Specifications

Database Definition Supported
Create new database tables x
Define Data Types for Fields (Alpha, Numeric, Dates, Currency, Decimal, Graphic, Memo Text, BLOB etc) x
Automatic data validation for individual fields ( Requires Value, Case Sensitive) x
Define multiple indexes/keys x
Restructure tables without data loss x
Sort, Pack and Repair tables x
Automatic Generation of Forms-oriented data entry, edit and query x
Physical limitations of number of records, fields, indexes, table size dependant on choosen database system x
Default database format of Paradox on windows platforms x
Databases Access and Record Manipulation Supported
Records can be Edited, Created, Deleted, Sorted and Filtered x
Records can be manipulated using the standard Silicon Office command set x
Records and fields can be displayed and edited by users through windows objects on multiple screen files (defined with the built-in user interface designer tools) x
Access and manipulation of any database compatible with the BDE eg. PARADOX, dBase, MS-Access, MS SQL SERVER, MySQL, FoxPro, ORACLE, DB2, or any other ODBC compliant database** x
Database setup and configuration of database drivers performed automatically using the Silicon Office command set x
Multiple User access and update conflicts automatically handled by Silicon Office x
Specific Silicon Office command control of multiple user access and update conflicts x
Structured Query Language supported for record selection and updates x
Easy access for use in Mail Merge and Reports x
Client/Server databases systems Supported
Database Updates can be performed using Transactions x
Transaction support includes Commit and Rollback x
Data records and record updates can be cached in memory of the users machine x
SQL Query language supported for specific Client/Server requests x
Database Tables can be stored on a web server and accessed directly over TCP/IP* x

* Tables stored on a web server should be stored in a format compatible with the chosen web server and support access over TCP/IP. Additional database drivers may be required on the client machine supporting the web database system. We commonly use MySQL on our UNIX based web servers in conjunction with the MyODBC database driver on the windows client machine.

** Additional database drivers maybe required from the third party database vendor for database access. Creation and definition of database structures, and database access may be limited dependant on the functionality of the database and driver supplied.