Silicon Office 2001 User Interface

The look and operation of Silicon Office is fully customisable. A range of built-in editors can dramatically change the appearance of Silicon Office, so that the user would not realise it was Silicon Office which was running, but rather a fully tailored, customised application specific for the user.

Built-In customisation editors include:

Editor Description File Type Screen Shot
Pull Down Menu Editor Allows for building the main pull down menu or menu's which appear for a particular window. .mnu Menu Editor
Toolbar Editor The toolbar editor allows for building toolbars which have small icons for fast access to commonly used options. .tbr Toolbar Editor
Screen Designer The screen designer can be used to build input and display screens for databases or any other information. .scr Screen Designer
Windows Objects Standard and enhanced windows objects are placed on screen files to control how information is displayed or manipulated. .scr Object Pallet
Object Properties Dialog
Frame Sets Frames are supported to display different files at the same time. Frame definitions are similar to HTML frame definitions. .sfd Frames
Access Restrictions Command line access, and access to any built-in utility can be removed to prevent unauthorised 'fiddling' from untrusted users. n/a